Nutrition Response Testing

Two years ago we started Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) with our local Chiropractor. I have found it fascinating and very effective.  NRT’s popularity is growing rapidly due to it’s effectiveness and accuracy. And more doctors are being trained (both medical and holistic) to perform this service.

The testing is non-invasive and painless. The analysis is done by extending your arm (usually while laying on a doctor’s table), then the doctor presses on different reflex areas (organs, muscles, joints) with his other hand.  If the arm goes weak while in a specific area it indicates a stress or dysfunction in that area (they test children a little different). Different supplements are tested to see which would be most effective in treating the problem area (you can also bring your own supplements/prescriptions to have them tested).

I honestly wouldn’t believe how effective this testing is if I hadn’t seen it work so many times.  The doctors usually carry supplements to help detox chemicals, heavy metals, and kill bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus/yeast and so much more.  We usually see results in 1-2 days but deeper issues can sometimes take longer.

We have had so many issues resolved this last year to count. But here are a couple that stick out to me:

*Preston was detoxed from the many vaccines (anthrax, smallpox, flu and who knows what else) he’s had while being in the military. Since then, he hasn’t had any fever blisters (he used to have several severe outbreaks a year) and his seasonal allergies have been minimal.

*I had a sensitivity to citrus, which was resolved after adjusting my stomach acid with supplements.

*Emmett (1 at the time) was vomiting after having any kind of dairy which was treated and corrected after 1 week of supplements

**(People with food allergies/sensitivities can be tested on those foods and find why they are unable to properly digest them. This can range from insufficient enzymes to not enough/too much stomach acid, to an underlying issue that is taxing the body)

*Preston and Evan’s seasonal allergies were minimal and short-lived with allergy support they were tested for

*My niece had a stubborn diaper rash that didn’t heal even after potty training that went away shortly after NRT and supplementing

*I was able to treat a UTI naturally, for the 1st time without antibiotics, and haven’t had one since

*My adrenal fatigue has been treated and my energy is better

*We have had many acute viral (cold/flu)  infections treated and ended or shortened with NRT

*My dad was having blood pressure issues that prescriptions weren’t helping and with NRT the issues resolved and he has more energy than he’s had in years

Like I said, I have experienced this working too many times to count, and think anyone with any kind of health problem, acute or chronic, should give this a try. There are no side effects to the supplements and they work to heal the body instead of covering up the symptom.

If you are in my area, we go to Dr. Easley, a chiropractor in West Plains, Missouri, his number is 417-256-5099. There is also an MD in St. James, Missouri, his name is Dr. Caudill, and his number is 573-265-0911 and his website is .  If you are not in my area, you can call the NRT training center and they can find the nearest NRT trained doctor. Their number is 1-866-418-4801.

The price for these services ranges from doctor to doctor. Dr. Easley in West Plains gives you a free first-time visit, so you can see what it is all about and see if it will work for you. After that you can buy 10 sessions for $300, making it $30 a visit or pay as you go at $60 a session.  Supplements range in price but seem to average around $25.

You can find a lot of videos on the internet to see NRT being done. Here is one if you are interested!

If you have an NRT success story please feel free to share it below in the comments. Or if you have any questions or anything I have not addressed please let me know! Give it a shot!

Feel better, know better, live better.


Keeping your children (and yourself) healthy during the winter months

As a mother of 4 children, sometimes I would love to just hide in a bubble and not ever go out and expose my family to all the germs, viruses, and yuck out there. But that is not possible and if I tried we all may go insane 😉 I know sickness is just part of life, but in years past we have done several things and DRASTICALLY reduced the number of times we got sick and the severity of the sickness! This year I cut some of our protocol out and we felt the brunt of it and found ourselves sick several times…no fun! So here are some things we do to stay healthy!

  1. Delicious Greens! This is a vegetable and fruit powder we like to mix with milk. We love the mocha flavor but the chocolate is good too! It also has probiotics and enzymes in it! My husband has a whole scoop, I have a half, and my kids have 1/4-1/3 scoop each. It is so yummy it tastes like a dessert and could even be used to make hot cocoa! Click here to purchase it.  (If you take another vitamin you may need a separate probiotic as this is so important for gut health)
  2. Vitamin D- In the winter months we don’t spend as much time outside so we don’t get as much vitamin D from the sun.  Vitamin D helps your immune system stay strong so supplementing during with winter months can really help your family!  We add vitamin D3 drops to our delicious greens each day. For more information on how much you may need see the sources below.
  3. Cut the Sugar!– I know this can be super hard to do but sugar should be an occasional treat, not a daily thing. Did you know that sugar cripples your immune system for up to 5 hours!? And this not only includes desserts but a lot of children’s snacks and even 100% juice acts as sugar in the body since it lacks the fiber and has been pasteurized which kills most of the nutrients!
  4. Wash Hands-Whenever we get home from a public place we all wash our hands really well. And don’t forget the baby’s hands since they love to crawl around and touch EVERYthing! Also, remember soap and water wash away germs and viruses that hand sanitizers sometimes don’t kill.
  5. Take off your shoes in your house-This keeps so many germs and viruses out of your house. Lose your shoes at the door and encourage your guests to do so also. (It will also cut down on your cleaning….bonus!)
  6. Essential Oils-We love our essential oils. We rub them, diluted, on our feet and spines when we’ve been exposed to sickness or are coming down with something. Young Living’s Thieves is my favorite but I also love DoTerra’s OnGuard. Frankincense is also one of my go-to’s (make sure you are using pharmaceutical grade oils). They are still a bit controversial so do your research and use your intuition of what you feel comfortable with you and your children!
  7.  Chiropractic Adjustment-Since the nervous system coordinates and controls all systems of the body, including the immune system, it makes sense that if the spine is not aligned then the body is not operating at its full potential.  Chiropractic care is especially amazing when it comes to ear infections. By simply adjusting the ears, which allows the infected fluid to drain,  most people can avoid antibiotics.
  8. Nutrition Response Testing-I am going to go into this deeper on another blog but doctors are able to test your nervous system and see if it is functioning correctly, and if not, what is hindering it. Then they are able to see what supplement can help or what food may need to be avoided while your body heals. This testing can be especially helpful with chronic illness (such as food/seasonal allergies, asthma, constipation, etc) or an acute illness that you or your child is having a hard time getting over.  You can call 866-418-4801 to find a doctor that does NRT testing in your area.

I hope these tips helped but also remember that no matter what we do there are still times our children will get sick, and this is needed so their bodies can get stronger and learn how to fight off illnesses.  Also, remember that fevers are good, and the body’s way of fighting the illness.  So let kids be kids, get dirty, and be there to snuggle them when they do get sick.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice 🙂


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