How we healed our cavities

In September of 2015 Bella, my then 3-year-old, was chewing on a granola bar and mentioned that one of her front teeth was hurting her. That evening I got my flashlight and dental tools out to see if something was going on.  Sure enough, her left lateral incisor (tooth next to front tooth) had a dark, mushy hole on the back side of it.

As I’m sure as any parents that have dealt with teeth problems with their children, I started feeling extremely guilty. I thought I had done such a good job keeping her teeth clean! We rarely drink juice, let alone soda, and they are pretty limited on sugar intake! I started stressing about what we would need to do to fix this.

I had seen an article several months earlier about a mother healing her child’s cavity. And since teeth are a lot like bones, and bones can heal from breaks, why not give it a shot.

I ordered the book “Cure Tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel and started reading up and how to attack this cavity. To make a long story somewhat shorter we put Bella on an extremely strict diet for 6 weeks with no sugar (not even fruit) and no grains (we’re talking not only cutting out bread, but oats, rice, and corn too!). We gave her fermented cod liver oil every day and lots of vegetables, grass-fed meats, pastured eggs, and presoaked beans and legumes.  You can imagine how fun this was to do with a 3-year-old!!!!

After six weeks the cavity hadn’t gotten any worse but I also didn’t see any healing going on.  At this time, Evan, my then 8-year-old, showed me a cavity that was also starting to bother him between two of this top molars. Frustrated, I started doing more research, and through a “healing tooth decay” Facebook page I stumbled upon an Oral Health Coach, Carrie Ibbetson.  She called me right up and asked for all the details of their teeth and to send pictures to see what we were dealing with.

She recommended a 21-day program she has created that sends you an email every day for 21 days with videos and information to teach you tips, techniques, and products and tools and how to use them properly. I learned so much and through the program and several phone consults, she put the kids on a nightly protocol.  She had extensively researched different products, from toothbrushes to pastes that help the teeth re-calcify. I did have to invest a little, but it was totally worth avoiding drillings and fillings and the future health of our family’s teeth!

Within 2 weeks I couldn’t believe it! The cavities had noticeably hardened up and had lightened in color considerably.  And this was with a normal (but healthy) diet.  Several months later they were completely hard and have been ever since. We also haven’t had any new cavities and our teeth are healthier than ever.  She also helped heal my sensitive teeth and is working with Preston on his bleeding gums.

I won’t give away everything she has taught us because being an Oral Health Coach is how she supports her family and her program is worth the money.  Also, the reason for cavities can be caused by so many different things. So what caused our cavities might not be what caused yours and you may need a different protocol to heal your cavities.

If you are interested in the program and working with Carrie you can learn more about her and her course here.

I hope our story gives you some hope that healing cavities and a healthy mouth are possible and attainable!


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