How We Do Essential Oils

Essential oils are getting more and more popular everyday. But so is the controversy of when, where, and how to use them. You have several extremes: From ingesting them undiluted everyday to only applying them extremely diluted with no on under the age of 12 in the vicinity to not using them unless you are under the guidance of a professional aromatherapist.  I have read many articles and tried to sort through what I feel comfortable with when it comes to my family, so here it is!

Diffusing: I find essential oils are a much healthier option to scented candles, wax warmers,  plug-ins, and air fresheners, most of which contain synthetic fragrances that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders and allergies…no thanks! Also, when using essential oils you can create your own blends and also tailor them to your needs whether it is just freshen the air, fight sickness, get motivated, or sleep deeper!  To diffuse essential oils you need to invest in a diffuser, which can double as a night light and humidifier (remember you don’t want your essentials oils to heat up as it damages them). I blogged about our favorite one here. We also use spray bottles with essential oils in our bathrooms for air fresheners and another blend for bug spray.

Topical: Another way to use essential oils is by rubbing them on your skin. I personally always dilute with fractionated coconut oil, not only for safety reasons but to help them last longer.  We apply essential oils to help with muscle pain from working out and growing pains, eliminate headaches, ease car sickness, fight viruses, open airways when congested, stop coughing, calm nerves, help sleep, heal cuts, and stop bug bites from itching. You name it and there is probably an oil for it! I pre-make most of these blends, or dilute a single essential oil, in roller bottles so they are already properly diluted and easy for everyone to use. I also add essential oils to to my home made deodorant, my hand soap, and use it in place of perfume.  There are different application points depending on what your goal is but some of the major ones are behind your ears, spine, chest, and the bottoms of your feet.

Internally: Here is where it gets really controversial! I personally don’t consume oils on a daily basis. They are very potent and I don’t want my body getting used to them so they will be more effective when I really need them. I do, however put them very diluted, in a capsule, and take them occasionally when the need arises. I feel they have to be safer and healthier than a lot of the prescriptions and over the counter medications I would be taking in place of them (have you seen the possible side effects?!). Oils have stopped many sicknesses in their tracks before the could develop into something that may need a serious medication.

What brand do I use?: I personally use Young Living. I love their rewards program and testing procedures. I also have some Doterra and like them too. I know their are some more affordable organic brands out there which I (if I didn’t get rewards from Young Living) would probably use except for internal use since I want rigorous testing on anything that potent going into my body. I store my oils on this shelf, but love the look of this one too!

My 5 favorite oils and why:  We love peppermint in our house! It is a very refreshing  scent and helps with so many things. I keep a roller bottle of it in my purse to help with car sickness, headaches, and itch bites. And when diffused it helps everyone focus and perk up. Lavender is next. It helps calm nerves and promotes sleep. It is also great on cuts and burns to help sooth and heal. Number 3 is Thieves/Onguard blends. Both are great immune boosters and are my go to for fighting sickness! Whether I add them to my cleaners and soap, apply them to spines and feet or gargle them they are amazing. Young Living’s Digize is another great essential oil blend. Rubbed clockwise on the tummy it can help calm nervous tummies or relieve upset stomachs.  Young Living’s Peace and Calming (or Peace and Calming II) is my favorite go for perfume and diffusing for fun. It is such a sweet, yummy, relaxing blend. There are so many more I love but I will save that for another post! Also, remember that everyone reacts and responds to different oils different ways. So try a little the first time and don’t overdo it!

What should you do?: Do your research and follow your instincts! If you don’t feel comfortable rubbing a certain oil on your child or yourself, don’t do it! Some people are more sensitive than others and may need to avoid certain strong oils or dilute them more than others. Also, remember that another carrier oil like coconut, olive, or almond , will dilute the essential oil, not water.  And if you are diffusing and the smell starts getting too strong in the room then turn it off, remember that your animals and children will be more sensitive to the strong smells than you.

I hope you found this article helpful and I encourage you to give essential oils a try if you haven’t already!



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  1. Great info.. I love my YL oils I use them daily. I do like the lime or citrus fresh in my water gives it a light flavor.

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