Favorite Essential Oil Diffuser

Ever since I started using essential oils several years ago I have tried many different diffusers. I definitely have some I like better than others, but the one I got recently tops them all! It. is. amazing! Here is why I love the Radha diffuser:

  1. It is glass, not plastic, which is great because over time the citrus oils can eat away at the plastics
  2. The base is wood so it looks quality and not cheap
  3. It changes colors! Not only that but you can turn the light off (if you need it dark to sleep) or pick a color to stay on. So fancy ūüėČ
  4. It has a removable glass top that can change the direction the oil diffuses
  5. It can diffuse constantly or intermittently. You just press the power button once for constant and twice or intermittent. The intermittent feature is great because the smell doesn’t get overwhelming and lasts most the day!
  6. It also has an off/on button on the cord which I love
  7. It comes packaged in a nice box and includes a small measuring pitcher to easily fill it up with the right amount
  8. It is (currently) priced very reasonably on Amazon!

I hope you enjoy this review and if you want to purchase the diffuser just click here.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Awesome colored pencils


If you are looking for art supplies for yourself or your kids we have been very impressed with the Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils! There are several reasons we like them so much!

  1. They won’t melt in the car like crayons
  2. You don’t have to sharpen them like regular colored pencils
  3. They come in an erasable version, which my 7-year-old loves
  4. Less messy than markers
  5. Won’t dry up like markers

So try them out and see how you like them!

~The coloring book my 7-year-old is using is the Inspirational Coloring book for girls. It has lovely pictures to color with encouraging phrases and scripture!