Tips for Early Potty-Training

Okay! Here we go! One of the most dreaded parenting tasks….potty-training! ¬†It’s not easy or stress-free but once it’s accomplished it’s AMAZING! So here are some pointers for you!

  1. Switch to cloth if you haven’t already. Do you have to? No, but it does help. And not only that but it’s better for the environment and fewer chemicals/plastics on your baby’s booty. They can be expensive but they can also be super cheap if you do it the right way. You could buy a dozen prefolds and 3-4 covers and you are good to go. Baby feels when they are wet and potty trains soooo much faster!
  2. Naked time! It can get messy and it’s optimal to plan to do this in the summer when they can be outside more but it is doable in the winter and helps so much! Something about being able to see it and feel it (a little gross I know) and putting that together with the sensation is key. If you have to roll up your rugs for a month or two.
  3. Put a baby potty where it is easily accessible.  Whether that is the playroom or the living room and encourage them to sit on it and try to go.
  4. Treats!!!! And they don’t have to be unhealthy! My fourth child loves coconut oil so at first if he sat and tried he would get a scoop, then later, when he actually went he would get a bite of it. Xylitol mints also work well and don’t cause cavities.
  5. Praise and more praise! Silly dances, songs, and cheering also go a long way. Especially when they are first trying it out….let them know you are proud of them.
  6. Look for signs of readiness. For every child this is different. My earliest was 15 months and my latest almost 2 but some children aren’t ready until much later. When they are in the bathroom with you (when are they not?!) talk about what you are doing and ask them occasionally if they want to try. When they start talking about going in their diaper, or hide to go in their diapers or ask for a change right after they may be ready. Give them a shot!
  7. Talk to them. I know they are little but a lot of times they understand so much more than you realize. When you are changing their diapers tell them when they start going on the potty they can have treats or they will be your big boy/girl. Don’t shame them. Make this a fun, positive experience.
  8. Don’t stress. Every month or two try a couple of days of naked time with the potty out. Encourage them to try to go on it. If they totally seem lost, don’t stress out. Just put it away and try again next month or until they show some more signs of readiness.

I hope these have helped you! And please remember they will get it eventually so love on your babies and enjoy the moments of them being little!